Meet Sarah

How Unum has improved Sarah’s career and life balance

Who are you – Sarah Director of Business Architecture  

Meet Sarah - Director of Business Architecture. At Unum, Sarah is responsible for ensuring the AI projects she is involved in are understood and functional from a business perspective at regulatory, compliance & operational levels whilst fitting with the requirements of the operational teams. This new AI infrastructure is focused on increasing efficiency and reducing manual tasks. Sarah says, “The main objective and goal is to gain efficiency for our clients in processes and workflows.” This is a new role within Unum.

How did Sarah start with Unum?

Sarah was looking for a change, looking for a new job, as she wasn’t being challenged. Last year over the Christmas period she was chatting with her sister, who suggested looking at other industries, such as the IT Industry as a possible next step in her career. Sarah’s background was in finance, however she had transferable experience from her last role, implementing new digital based innovations to deal with call handling time and automating tasks whilst maintaining & improving business SLA’s. Sarah started looking into IT companies and came across Unum. She started to research Unum and liked what she saw, and proceeded to engage in a conversation about an open vacancy, that she thought was a good fit – the right place at the right time!!

So, what attracted Sarah to Unum Ireland in Carlow?

After researching Unum as a company, she was very interested in the role, specifically as it played to her previous experience working as part of an innovation team.

Sarah was confident that her practical experience would be suitable for the job and once she engaged in the interview process, she felt the role and Unum were right for her. The early interactions with Unum were very positive, which helped with the decision to join Unum.

Also, Sarah was seeking a role that supported a good work-life balance. As Unum offers a hybrid working benefit, this was very important to Sarah as she manages her work and home life with a young family.

What is it like since joining Unum?

Sarah’s role has changed since she started with Unum. She started as programme manager, in a broad capacity on a relatively new team. This role then evolved, and her career developed with Unum; she is now Director of Business Architecture, managing a significant AI project.

Sarah achieved her goal and has found a role that has sparked both passion and energy. She is extremely happy that she took the chance to apply for the role with Unum. She has “get up and go again and is still relishing the daily challenges" of life with Unum. “No two days are the same, and it is so interesting and exciting to work with such an innovative team”, says Sarah.

Her team are not afraid to try something new, and more importantly, they have the creative license to explore new projects and new options and solutions, which gives Sarah and all Unum employees the room to explore and grow

Sarah has great interest and focus on engaging more females in STEM– particularly for primary and secondary school goers; the next event that Sarah will be involved in is I Wish, which is a community

committed to showcasing the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths to teenage girls. Unum Ireland is one of the sponsors of this event.


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