Meet Shubhang

How Unum has improved Shubhang’s career and life balance

Who are you – Shubhang - Senior Business Analyst

As a Senior Business Analyst, Shubhang pays a key role in Project Harmony. This team works to scale, upgrade and moderize platforms in line with current market designs to create more modern functionality and a better user experience for Unum US benefits customers.

Understanding his role and where he can make an impact, Shubhang is clear on the expectations and performance required as a Senior BA. Shubhang appreciates the momentum of his work - engaging with different teams and stakeholders, plus using his skills to influence and support change and improvement. This also applies to his role goes from a within the campus level where Shubhang is involved in several committees and campus initiatives.  

Shubhang answers some questions and gives some insights into working at Unum Ireland.

Describe your personal experience and the working culture within Unum please.

The culture within Unum is inclusive, which gives you the feeling of being supported and in turn helps you to be creative and more involved not only in work but in social and campus events and activities.

When I think of Unum’s working environment and my role as a Senior Business Analyst, the key factors that personally are important for me are the openness of the work culture in Unum, the freedom of sharing your ideas for continuous improvement and innovation, and the ability to contribute share your knowledge and thoughts. Often, we are involved in some important discussions held within the company, if you have any suggestions, these are listened to and taken into consideration.

It gives you the feeling that you are part of the broader organisation and not just part of a singular team, you feel part of Unum’s story.

From a Carlow Campus perspective, I am involved in a few different committees including one of the work groups that supports employee engagement called Community & Environment. Listening and understanding the employee’s experience is part of our culture, where we share our thoughts and feedback throughout the year. Actions are taken within these employee work groups to support employee satisfaction and impact the campus experience positively. Being part of these communities helps you have an impact at campus level but shows how as an organization, we can contribute to society.

Describe the impact in terms of this working environment?

Personally, it makes you feel more empowered, not just in terms of being a business analyst, but you feel like you are part of the Unum Group. This inclusive feeling not only gives you more confidence in your work but also assists in enhancing your skills and widening your thought process, because you are not just focusing on your specific task or project, you are taking a holistic view of the direction of organisation.

Flexibility is important for me. When Unum says flexibility, they really mean it whether in terms of your work-life balance, or in terms of your work schedule through core working hours and our hybrid model. Working hybrid allows me to be in the office with the team for planning meetings, social events,Townhalls or any other work or community events.

Overall, would you recommend Unum as a place to work?  Do you enjoy working at Unum?

Yes, working at Unum I feel like I am part of this organisation, and not only part of a team, we all get involved in other activities also not just work-related tasks.

There are a lot of fun activities, employee engagement activities, and team events where you can get to know your colleagues better and feel part of the Unumcampuscommunity.

It's good to say that you are not only part of a growing organisation but also an organisation where work and your relationships are highly respected. The This inclusiveon and healthy work environment makes you feel more empowered, which in turn makes you more optimistic and enthusiastic, not just in your work life but also in your day-to-day life.


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